Calligraphy Fresh Magnolia Leaf Place Card, Floral Wedding Place Card, Escort Card,

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These fresh picked magnolia leaves are the perfect touch to enhance your wedding or special event.

>> These magnolia leaves bloom a deep earthy green that are sturdy and thick to last through your event.
>> Leaves may vary in size, shape, style.
>> Sizes range from 2-5 inches in length.


Fresh leaves will last up to 3 days in open air. Refrigeration up until the day of use is highly recommended. They will stay fresh refrigerated and sealed for up to 3 weeks.

When placing your order, please order at least three weeks prior to your event to ensure quality and freshness. All orders will ship via Priority, however, Express option is available. Upon delivery, please refrigerate the leaves until time of use.

Handmade item

Made to order

Length: 12

Height: 4