Custom Wedding Invitation Box Set

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Beautiful, custom wedding invitation suites that capture the couple's personalities! When you work with me, rest assured that every element of your suite will be expertly designed and executed.

I will guide you through the design process, ensuring we capture your personalities & the essence of your relationship within the suite. We’ll determine based upon your budget the embellishments that make the most sense. This can be as simple as wax seals or as elaborate as watercolor illustrations and detailed wedding maps.

I frequently work with handmade paper and various accessories such as belly bands, vellum, gold foil, florals, ribbon, twine, and more. Printing methods include digital, letterpress & foil press, with spot calligraphy & envelope addressing available.


This is what the timeline looks like from the moment you sign the proposal & provide payment of deposit:

- Proof is sent to you within 2-4 weeks
- 4 weeks allotted for 2 rounds of proofs & revisions
- 2-4 weeks for print & production depending upon the complexity

Wedding invitations are typically sent out 3-6 months in advance, and I'd allot 3-4 months for the design & production of invitations. Given these constraints, I'd recommend placing an order for invitations at least 6-8 months ahead of the wedding date. Invitations can be expedited if you are on a time crunch, though the complexity of the design may be limited.